July 2019: 2019 BURLCO BUDGET PUBLIC -Amended July

June 2019: November Meeting Date Change

May 2019: BURLCO May 22, 2019 Finance Committee Notice

April 2019:  Executive Meeting April Time Change

January 2019:  Exhibit A: Fund Professional Appointments and Compensation For Fund Year Ending 2019

January 2019: BURLCO 2019 Annual State Filing


November 2018: 2019 Budget Hearing Public Notice

September 2018: Notice of 10/4/2018 Finance Committee Meeting

January 2018: BURLCO Notice of Contract Award 2018

January 2018: BURLCO 2018 Annual State Filing

January 2018:  Exhibit A: Fund Professional Appointments and Compensation 2017-2018

January 2018:  2018 BURLCO Executive Committee Meeting Dates


October 2017: Notice of 10-6-17 Finance Committee Meeting

August 2017: Notice of 8-17-17 Finance Committee Meeting

April 2017: Notice of 5-18-17 Finance Committee Meeting

January 2017:  2017 MEETING DATES Public Notice

January 2017: Certification of Joint Insurance Fund Professionals 2017

January 2017:  Notice of Contract Award 2017


Statement of Compliance with Open Public Meetings Act. Notice of all meetings are given by:

1.  Sending suf­fi­cient notice here­with to:

  • Burlington County Times, Mount Holly, NJ
  • Courier Post, Cherry Hill, NJ

2.  Filing advance writ­ten notice of this meet­ing with the Clerks/Administrators of all mem­ber munic­i­pal­i­ties; and

3.  Posting notice on the pub­lic bul­letin boards of all mem­ber municipalities.