2020 Resolutions

2020-01 Election of Fund Chair and Fund Secretary

2020-02 Election of an Exec Comm and Alernates

2020-03 Appointing Professional Staff

2020-04 Awarding WC Defense Counsel and Approved Assoc

2020-05 Awarding GL Defense Counsel and Approved Assoc

2020-06 Awarding EPL POL Defense Counsel and Approved Assoc

2020-07 Adopting Procedures in Compliance with the Open Public Mtg Act

2020-08 Adopting Fiscal Policies and Procedures

2020-09 Designating Compliance Officer

2020-10 Adopting Cash Mgmt and Investment Policy

2020-11 Establishing a Fund Records Program

2020-12 Establishing the 2020 Plan of Risk Mgmt including Comm Charters

2020-13 Designation of Cert and Approving Officer for the Payment of Claims

2020-14 Authorize Participation in the MEL Named Strom Deductible

2020-15 Authorizing Advanced Travel Expenses for PRIMA and AGRiP

2020-16 Closed Session – Jan

2020-17 Honoring Mike Templeton Delanco Twp

2020 18 Closed Session

2020-19 Payments when Exec Meeting Cancelled

2020-20 Honoring Richard Brook

2020-21 Closed Session

2020-22 Release of 2019 Closed Session Minutes

2020-23 Closed Session April

2020-24 Authorizing the Release of 2018 Closed Session Minutes

2020-25 Closed Session May

2020-26 Accepting Annual Audit

2020-27 Intrafund Transfer-2019 PR June

2020-28 Closed Session June

2020-29 Execute Police One Contract

2020-30 Execute MediaPro & PivotPoint Contract

2020-31 Closed Session July

2020-32 EJIF Renewal

2020-33 Surplus release for closed year accounts

2020-34 Closed Session September

2020-35 Closed Session

2019 Resolutions

2019-01 Confirming the Election of a Fund Chairman and Fund Secretary

2019-02 Confirming the Election of an Executive Committee and Alternates

2019-03 Appointing Professional Staff

2019-04 Awarding WC Defense Counsel and Approved Associates

2019-05 Awarding GL Defense Counsel and Approved Associates

2019-06 Awarding EPL POL Defense Counsel and Approved Associates

2019-07 Adopting Procedures in Compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act

2019-08 Adopting Fiscal Policies and Procedures

2019-09 Designating the Exec Director as the Public Agency Compliance Officer

2019-10 Adopting Cash Management and Investment Policy

2019-11 Establishing a Fund Records Program

2019-12 Establishing the 2019 Plan of Risk Management- Committee Charters

2019-13 Designation of Certifying and Approving Officer for the Payment of Claims

2019-14 Authorizing the JIF to participate in the MEL JIF named storm deductible risk sharing program

2019-15 Authorizing an Interim Service Contract with Arthur J. Gallagher for Administrative Services

2019-16 Authorizing Advance Travel Expenses for Authorized Official Travel

2019-17 Honoring Paul Keller Chair 2018

2019-18 Closed Session – January

2019-19 Awarding Contract for Administrator-Burlco

2019-20 Award Technology Risk Svcs Contract to Lou Romero

2019-21 Closed Session February

2019-22 Closed Session- March

2019-23 Release of 2018 FY Closed Session Minutes

2019-24 Approval of New Associate to Defense Panel

2019-25 Closed Session

2019-26 Closed Session

2019-27 Accept Annual Audit ending Dec 31 2018

2019-28 Transfer of Funds

2019-29 Amending the Plan of Risk Mgmt

2019-30 Closed Session June mtg

2019-31 Authorizing as 1 yr Contract with Police One Academy

2019-32 Authorizing a 1 yr Contract with Media Pro Pivot Point

2019-33 Closed Session July

2019-34 Authorize Release of Closed Year Surplus

2019-35 Authorize Destruction of Claims Files

2019-36 Closed Session

2019-37 Appointing an Add’l Approved Associate

2019-38 Transfering EJIF Dividends to AELCF Accounts

2019-39 Closed Session Oct

2019-40 Authorize Release of Addtl CY Surplus

2019-41 Transfer to MEL RCF

2019-42 Intrafund Transfer PR 2019

2019-43 Assigning Reps to EJIF and RCF

2019-44 Closed Session Nov

2019-45 Transfer to MEL Retro Account

2019-46 Closed Session December

2018 Resolutions

2018-01-Confirming Election of Fund Chair & Secretary

2018-02-Confirming Election of Executive Committee & Alternates

2018-03-Appointing Professional Staff

2018-04-WC Defense Counsel & Approved Associates

2018-05-GL Defense Panel & Approved Associates

2018-06-EPL-POL Defense Panel

2018-07-Compliance Open Public Meetings Act

2018-08-Adopting Fiscal Polices & Procedures

2018-09-Public Agency Compliance Officer

2018-10-Cash Management & Investment Policy

2018-11-Fund Records Program

2018-12-2018 Risk Management Plan

2018-13-Certifying & Approving Officer Payment of Claims

2018-14-Participation Named Storm Deductible Program

2018-15-Authorizing Advanced Travel

2018-16-Closed Session 101162018

2018-17-Appointing Solicitor & EPL Attorney & Subro Attorney

2018-18 Execute Agreement with Community Education Online for training

2018-19 Execute Agreement with Armando Riccio for training

2018-20 Execute Agreement with for shared services for online police training

2018-21 Closed Session

2018-22 Agreement to particpate in Shared Svcs Agreement for Claims Audit

2018-23 Agreement to particpate in Shared Svcs Agreement to purchase Cyber & Tech Risk Mngmnt Svcs

2018-24 Closed Session

2018-25 Release of 2017 Closed Minutes

2018-26 Closed Session

2018-27 Closed Session

2018-28 Accepting Annual Audit 12-31-17

2018-29 Authorizing Transfer of 2014 FY to the RCF

2018-30 Contract with North Shore Consulting for Claims Audit

2018-31 Closed Session

2018-32 Removing-Add Approved Assoc to Defense Panel – Parker McCay

2018-33 Removing-Add Approved Assoc to Defense Panel – Capehart & Scatchard

2018-34 Contract with Police One Academy

2018-35 Contract with Media Pro and Pivot Point for Tech Risk Mngmt Svcs

2018-36 Closed Session

2018-37 Release of Surplus 2005-2013

2018-38 Renewal in the MEL

2018-39 Renewal in the RCF

2018-40 Authorizing Destruction of Claims Files

2018-41 Closed Session Minutes

2018-42 Authorize Member Accts in AELCF for EJIF Surplus

2018-43 Closed Session Minutes

2018-44 Appointing MEL_RCF Representatives

2018-45 Closed Session

2018-46 Special Closed Session

2018-47 Authorize Fund Treasurer to Transfer to MEL Retro Acct

2018-48 Honoring Mike Mansdorfer Lumberton FC

2018-49 Closed Session

2017 Resolutions

2017-01 Appointing ChairSec

2017-02 Appointing EC and Alts

2017-03 Appointing Prof Staff

2017-04 Awarding WC Defense Counsel

2017-05 Awarding GL Defense Counsel

2017-06 Awarding EPLPOL Defense Counsel

2017-07 Compliance with Open Public Mtg Act

2017-08 Adopting Fiscal Policies and Proc

2017-09 Designating ED as Public CO

2017-10 Adopting Cash Mgmt and Investmt

2017-11 Establishing a Fund Recs program

2017-12 Plan of Risk Mgmt

2017-13 Cert and Approv Officer for Claims Pymts

2017-14 Authorizing JIF to be in MEL Named Storm Risk Share

2017-15 Authorizing Reimb of travel expenses

2017-16 Commemorating JIFs 25th Anniversary

2017-17 Closed Session January

2017-18 Honoring Past Chair Mansdoerfer

2017-19 Closed Session February

2017-20 Closed Session March

2017-21 Releasing 2016 Closed Session

2017-22 Closed Session April

2017-23 Supporting Re-authorization and extending NFIP

2017-24 Closed Session May

2017-25 Annual Audit Report 12-31-2016

2017-26 Transfer to MEL Residual Claims Fund

2017-27 Interfund Transfer

2017-28 June Closed Meeting

2017-29 July Closed Meeting

2017-30 Authorizing Refund of Closed Year Accounts 2004-2013 Surplus

2017-31 Amending Res 2017-03 & Authorize Ammendment to 2017 Right to Know Contract

2017-32 Renew EJIF Membership

2017-33 Closed Session – September

2017-34 New Recording Secretary

2017-35 Closed Session – October

2017-36 2018 MEL RCF EJIF Reps

2017-37 Closed Session- November 2017

2017-38 Transfer of 2017 Funds to Cover MEL Retro

2017-39 Closed Session – December 2017