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28 Municipalities from Burlington county joined forces to save tax dollars by pooling resources to provide workers comp, liability, property and casualty insurance. Through a structured safety and risk management program, Member Municipalities save money by eliminating unsafe acts and conditions. Unlike the insurance companies that preceded it, the JIF focuses on Municipal issues of loss prevention, risk management and claims management.    READ MORE

Established in 1991 100% Member Owned Over $13.7 Million Returned in Dividends 28 Members


We are an organization of municipalities united to achieve savings and stability through comprehensive insurance, safety and claims management programs dedicated to reducing public sector risks.

More than half of New Jersey Municipalities have elected to say farewell to their old insurance companies and join forces with each other to secure insurance protection through one of 18 MEL affiliated Joint Insurance Funds (JIF). JIFs are public entities chartered under Title 40:A 10-6 that allow local communities to pool their resources and achieve economies of scale and other advantages previously available only to large corporations or very large cities. This arrangement enables member municipalities to lower the ultimate cost of their fire, liability, automobile, and workers’ compensation insurance. More>

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