Looking for fun and easy “Wellness Hacks” to promote a healthy lifestyle in your municipality? Read below to discover new ways to implement Wellness strategies into your workplace!

Delanco TownshipDelanco Wellness board

Seems the message is getting out…and getting posted for all employees to see. Delanco Township just created their Safety & Wellness Bulletin Board as a means of communicating important information targeting the overall well-being and injury prevention for its municipal employees.




Beverly City

Beverly City White Board of Positivity



Sometimes, all we need to do to generate positivity is start the momentum. One kind word or reflection can spark another. Beverly City Municipality learned this first-hand. By placing a white board just outside the Administration office, residents and employees took the opportunity to express their positive words. Nice job Beverly!




Florence Township

Florence Twp National Gratitute Awareness Month

November was National Gratitude Awareness Month. Many of the Florence Township employees added their “leaf” to the Gratitude Tree expressing what they were thankful for in their life. An overall feeling of increased happiness seemed to fill the office, even for those who did not participate in the writing. In our opinion,  the gratitude stemmed from co-workers participation in this fun activity that cultivates an environment of positivity among employees.



Edgewater Park Township

Edgewater Park Thankful Bulletin BoardEdgewater Park Township Police Department created a Gratitude Board to inspire staff as we approach the holiday season.  Employees can write what they are most thankful  for on small leaf shaped post-it notes.  The Thanksgiving holiday is a great reminder to take stock of the importance of gratitude – both giving and receiving it – in our lives.  Take advantage of this seasonal theme to give the topic the attention it deserves in your municipality. Way to go Edgewater Park PD!


Palmyra Township

Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Palmyra

To bring awareness to Breast Cancer Month, Palmyra Township had a bit of fun to emphasize the seriousness of the topic. Paper bras were created from hearts left over from their “Heart Month” celebration. Employees wrote messages inspiring positivity as well as laughter. Examples included: “Fight Like a Girl,”  “Take Care of Second Base,”  “Make Sure Your Cups Have No Lumps (tea cups)” and the favorite was “A Feel a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.”

Breast cancer is a significant concern for every woman, and even men. But we also know that laughter, along with a positive attitude, are among the best forms of medicine. Thank you Palmyra for realizing that the power of our thoughts along with social support (in the workplace), can help us succeed in overcoming many of life’s challenges.



Pemberton TownshipPemberton Twp Wellness Bulletin Board

This year’s Annual Pemberton Township Municipal Employee Health Fair kicked off with employees posting what they were grateful for. With an overwhelming amount of participants, Pemberton Township’s Wellness Coordinator, Michele Brown, was able to cover a large portion of their wall!  “I am so grateful the employees participated!” comments Michele. This was followed by an Employee Health Fair packed with vendors, flu shots, chair massages, Reflexology, and more!

Pemberton Twp Wellness Fair


 Birthday Cake Alternatives

Alternatives to Birthday Cake


Delanco Township

Birthday celebrations are special!  And we’re all for birthday indulgences, but sometimes throwing caution (and nutrition) to the wind doesn’t make for the happiest of birthdays.  Delanco Township’s Wellness Champion made one employee’s celebration a healthy tribute!  Congratulations Delanco for remembering that longevity is built on healthy lifestyle habits.




Florence Township

Florence Township once again celebrates wellness with a twist.  On June 20th, Township employees observed  “Bring your dog to work” day, an opportunity for staff to bring their furry “kids” to the office.  Safety is always first with Florence Administration.  Dogs are known for being highly therapeutic forces in settings as diverse as hospitals and college campuses, so it makes sense that they could play a similar role in the workplace.  Dogs can improve an employee’s sense of well-being,  reduce stress, and create a greater work life balance.  Thank you Florence!

Bordentown Township Police Department

Bordentown particpates in FitBit ChallengeThe Bordentown Township Police Department (BTPD) has undertaken several initiatives to promote officers’ physical and emotional health. Another one of these initiatives recently took root when the PD accepted delivery of nineteen (19) Fitbit HR Inspire Fitness Trackers, purchased entirely with drug forfeiture monies, which were issued to officers in an effort to continue to explore new ways to improve our health and well-being.

With the use of these Fitbit devices, each officer will be able to track his or her steps taken, their active minutes, their sleep patterns, and very importantly, their heart rates. Police Officers are often exposed to high stress situations where heart rates frequently elevate so being able to manage these spikes and observe any possible underlying issues is a useful tool. The night shifts and long hours that officers work often creates concerns of fatigue and sleep deprivation so the ability to track sleep patterns is another important use for these devices. If an officer isn’t sleeping well, or experiencing a change in sleep patterns, the data gleaned from these devices will be helpful in making changes for improvement.

BTPD is also a very competitive police department. Being able to participate in daily, weekly, and monthly challenges that Fitbit has to offer, will motivate officers to take the initiative to be more active on a regular basis, while adding the competitive element of being able to view their co-workers steps along the way. This was exemplified last week when ten (10) officers took part in a five (5) day workweek hustle challenge and collectively achieved 832,450 steps!

Chief Pesce of Bordentown Township launched a new initiative at the Bordentown Township Police Department.  He created a “Health and Wellness Corner” on a wall in the Police Department with valuable wellness information:

  1. Implemented Captain Buscio Program at Deborah Hospital, the comprehensive cardiovascular and pulmonary medical evaluation free to first responders.  Chief Pesce provides everyone with four hours of compensatory time if they attend once a year on a day off.
  2. Display photos of recent health and wellness events the Township participates in and information about upcoming events.  Currently, a St. Paddy’s Day 5k registration form is posted.
  3. Display “Workout of the Month” provided by our department’s physical fitness instructor, Ptl. Edwards.
  4. Display February BURLCO JIF Wellness newsletter.
  5. Healthy Menu Options:  Officers often dine out and frequently fall into the same eating routine (Wawa, pizza, etc.)  Cheif Pesce encourages officers to seek out healthy menu options while eating out, and share those options via a photo and description on the board.  This will educate others about  healthy options offered by local establishments and hopefully encourage them to develop better eating habits.

Florence Township

The first Friday of February has been designated National Wear Red Day.  On this day, men and women are encouraged to wear red as a symbol of their support of women’s heart health.  Great effort by Florence Township for actively participating in the American Heart Association’s national movement to end heart disease and stroke in women.  You can also opens in a new windowclick here to discover ways to prevent heart disease.

National Wear Red Day in Florence Township


Medford Township's Wellness Committee Celebrates a Healthy Halloween

Medford Township

In lieu of Halloween candy “tricking” their employees into unhealthy temptations, Medford Township’s Wellness Committee decided to “treat” all employees with a special door-to-door delivery of healthy snack baskets! Employees responded in a very favorable way.  Click on the picture to view all the healthy  treats.  Have a safe (and healthy) Halloween!



Florence Township

Once again Florence Township brings wellness to the office! This time through supporting “Bring your dog to work day”. Observed always on the Friday following Father’s Day, this day allows employee’s who are dog owners to introduce their four-legged “best friend” to co-workers. This observance was launched to encourage adopting a pet. It was believed that after witnessing the human-animal bond at work, others may also want a companion. The employees of Florence shared laughter and dog stories, strengthened camaraderie (between both co-workers and pets alike) and experienced a wonderful stress reducer! Thank you Murphy, Levi, and Cooper for sharing your unconditional affection with the employees of Florence!

Bring your dog to work day

Beverly City Municipality posted a White Board

Beverly City

The Beverly City Municipality posted a White Board just outside of their main office to encourage employees and residents alike to post positive messaging and to share ideas as they relate to wellness.

Here is a picture of a few residents’ posts already…one very young resident certainly seems to have her priorities right!  Positivity breeds positivity.  Pay it forward and see what happens.  Nice going Beverly City!


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