Ideas to Promote Wellness

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Looking for fun and easy “Wellness Hacks” to promote a healthy lifestyle in your municipality? Read below to discover new ways to implement Wellness strategies into your workplace!

In lieu of Halloween candy “tricking” their employees into unhealthy temptations, Medford Township’s Wellness Committee decided to “treat” all employees with a special door-to-door delivery of healthy snack baskets! Employees responded in a very favorable way.  Click on the picture to view all the healthy  treats.  Have a safe (and healthy) Halloween!



Once again Florence Township brings wellness to the office! This time through supporting “Bring your dog to work day”. Observed always on the Friday following Father’s Day, this day allows employee’s who are dog owners to introduce their four-legged “best friend” to co-workers. This observance was launched to encourage adopting a pet. It was believed that after witnessing the human-animal bond at work, others may also want a companion. The employees of Florence shared laughter and dog stories, strengthened camaraderie (between both co-workers and pets alike) and experienced a wonderful stress reducer! Thank you Murphy, Levi, and Cooper for sharing your unconditional affection with the employees of Florence!


The Beverly City Municipality posted a White Board just outside of their main office to encourage employees and residents alike to post positive messaging and to share ideas as they relate to wellness.

Here is a picture of a few residents’ posts already…one very young resident certainly seems to have her priorities right!  Positivity breeds positivity.  Pay it forward and see what happens.  Nice going Beverly City!


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