Click this link to open the SIR form, then download and complete in Adobe Reader: BURLCO JIF Supervisor Incident Report (SIR)

Instructions – Supervisor’s Incident Report Instructions

Instructions for Supervisors:

  • The Supervisor’s Incident Report DOES NOT REPLACE the NJ First Report of Injury.
  • The purpose of the Supervisor’s Incident Report is to identify root causes and prevent future occurrences: FACT FINDING, NOT FAULT FINDING.
  • The Supervisor Incident Report may be used to investigate Workers’ Compensation, Property, Automobile, and General Liability Incidents.
  • Claims Coordinators should continue to report claims as previously instructed.
  • Action Items should be forwarded to a responsible individual to act on the managerial or financial aspects of the stated action item.

When an Accident Occurs:

  • Render any necessary medical assistance.
  • Take steps to secure the site.
  • Notify law enforcement if motor vehicle is involved.
  • Take photos and preserve equipment involved in the accident.
  • Use the Incident report form as a guide to identify ways to prevent future occurrences.
  • Prepare the report in sufficient detail that the basic facts can be documented and so that corrective action(s) can be identified, and accountability assigned.
  • Participate in the Safety Committee or Accident Review discussion of the incident.
  • Follow-up and provide feedback on the implementation of action items assigned to you.

Suggested Report Distribution:

Supervisor – Send completed report to Claims Coordinator; Attach Police Report, and photos for all Motor Vehicle and property damage reports.

Claims Coordinator – Send completed Supervisor Incident Investigation Report to:

  1. Qual‐Lynx
  2. J.A. Montgomery Risk Control
  3. Your Municipal Safety Coordinator