Wellness works!  We all know that designing and managing an employee wellness program is an important step in improving the health and productivity of employees.  Read these testimonials below to understand the value of a wellness program as well as the benefits to your municipality’s health and bottom line.

Ultimately, healthy employees are happier employees and save you money!

-Debby Schiffer, Your Wellness Director

“Within weeks of participating in the Powered Through Plants Program, I began to see many improvements in my health. The biggest improvement that I feel will impact my life the most was in the lowering of my blood pressure. It was truly amazing to see that just by applying all of the information provided in the PTP program, that it could make such a monumental improvement in my life!”

– Anonymous July 2021

“If you are looking for the path to good health, then this class (Powered Through Plants) is for you.  I loved learning what is healthy and busting myths on what is not.  Recipes are extremely helpful, as they take the guesswork out of cooking.  Discussing goals and hurdles with likeminded people was eye opening.  Eating more fruits and vegetables has increased my energy level.  These classes were wonderful and I got so much out of them, so thank you again for doing this!  Thank you, Debby!”

– LS May 2021

“In my 26 years, I have experienced all of the stress that comes with the job and I wish that we, meaning all of Law Enforcement, addressed these issues back when I started instead of trying to brush stress and related problems “under the rug”. This is the future of Law Enforcement to preserve longevity and for officers to make sure they maintain a happy life at work and HOME! Your help in sharing all the information you provide through your newsletter, our Committee meetings and lectures, have been such a help in formulating some of my ideas for our policy. Thanks so much for your support!”

 – Chief Gene J. DiFilippo, Edgewater Park Township Police Department, 2019

“The JIF Wellness Program has had a very positive impact on Florence Township’s employees. The staff has embraced the professional and personal benefits of the Wellness initiatives. The JIF’s Wellness Program encourages employees to use the elements of the program that mean most to them, and to have fun and learn about initiatives that can also be personally beneficial. I believe in what you and the Wellness program are doing for employees and member towns.”

 – Richard Brook, Administrator for Florence Township, 2018

“I just wanted to let you know that many of us have standing desks and/or seat cushions now! And I notice more staff taking walks at lunchtime. I thought you might want to know what an impact you had on us :-) ”

– Anonymous, 2018