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 Training Summer and Seasonal Employees  PD snow poster and briefing
SD Bulletin Slips Falls on Ice Dec
Best Practices for Backing Fire Apparatus into the Station _ September 2015 Automated External Defibrillators in Public Settings_February
Comprehensive Playground Inspection Program Best Practices for Snow Emergencies_January 2016
Conducting Motor Vehicle Record Checks_January 2015 
Comprehensive Playground Inspection Program April 2016
First Responder Safe Lifting_February 2015 Conducting Motor Vehicle Record Checks_January 2016
Leaf Collection _ October 2015 Fire Extinguisher Essentials March 2016
Managing Special Events_June 2015 Fire Prevention Month_October 2016​
Special Events Safety Checklist_June 2015 Ladder Safety_July 2016
Managing Slip and Fall Risks During Winter Months _ December 2015 National Preparedness Month_September 2016
Poster on slip prevention for Law Enforcement Supervisors and Officers_ December 2015 Posting PEOSHA Summary Logs Annual Reminder_January 2016
Mobile Work Zone_November 2015​ Resources for School Crossing Guard Safety Programs_August
Posting PEOSHA Summary Logs Annual Reminder January 2015 Safety in the Office Environment_September
Preventing Heat Related Illnesses A Team Approach _June 2015 Summertime and High Visibility Apparel_June
Safety When Collecting Brush on Roadways_March 2015  Training Summer Seasonal Employees_May 2016
School Crossing Safety Program and the 4 Es _ August 2015  Leaf Collection Safety_October
Summertime and High Visibility Apparel_July 2015
Take Charge of your Safety In and Around your Patrol Vehicle_March 2015
Traffic Control by Law Enforcement in Work Zones_May 2015
Training Summer and Seasonal Employees